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Guy Gallet
Spokesperson & Mascot
Organization supported by Claire Pimparé

Domaine Enfantastique, is a non-profit corporation, following the dream of people who share a common goal, which is to provide free day visit to a theme park, adapted for sick children and their parents and regardless of their differences: origin, religion, wealth or poverty.

A place that would be totally adapted where will come together in a supernatural realm, filled with dreams, joy, happiness, peace, brotherhood, friendship and wonder, all the children who suffer, not to mention their parents and siblings. All ensembles will live moments of sunshine!

There are so many children here at home who are terminally ill, suffering from incurable and debilitating diseases, and who will never have the pleasure to realize their dream. This dream is, more often than not, a trip to the wonderful Walt Disney World, not to name the ...

But you can, if you like, spend a beautiful day in the fantasy world of Au Pays des Merveilles in Ste-Adele and give children a beautiful site suitable for them without having to spend thousands of dollars and send away from home in an environment and a foreign country ...
Of course, that we can offer them another Disneyland ... But we can, together, offer them something different, something ingenious, something from us, something magical, something to dream!
We can work together to raise enough money with multinationals who are willing to engage with us and public donations, to offer the best gift ever given to a sick child: HOPE.
It is understood that the Domain Enfantastique defray costs, according to its budget, for all the sick children and their parents, which will be referred by a responsible person and we will submit an application rule for an unforgettable day, regardless of they come from. They will be received in priority as special guests on presentation of the invitation that the Domain Enfantastique will send them.

Guy Gallet
Domaine Enfantastique Inc. A non-profit organization